It’s Here: Better File Uploader 2.0!

Published on November 8, 2006 at 12:44 PM EST
In the Announcements category.

Ta-da! It’s here! Bon apetit!

Development took quite a bit longer than I expected, the beta period lasted longer than I expected, the documentation took longer to write than I expected… but it’s all done now: Better File Uploader 2.0 is here!

A quick summary, in case you don’t know: BFU2 is a plugin that replaces and improves upon the Movable Type file upload tool. MT’s upload tool is great for a few files or photos, but if you want to get a bunch done quick, it’s not the way. BFU2 works to improve the upload experience by making it a fast, easy and consistent process. Basically, if you upload files—and especially photos—BFU2 is the one-stop-shop plugin to meet your needs.


Pictures are worth a thousand words, though: so gander at some more screenshots in the teaser or watch the screencast of BFU2 in use. Or—if you think a thousand words are worth a picture—check out the documentation. Of particular interest might be the Configuration , Use, and Use Examples and Ideas pages. The Better File Uploader home page has a short and quick summary, too.

BFU2 is priced at $10 for personal use, and $100 for commercial use.

Want a free personal-use copy? The first ten (10) people to leave a comment including a Movable Type-ized movie or TV quote will receive one free copy. (Modify a quote from a popular movie or TV show, and include the source and who said it.) Your quote may be used as a tagline on the front page.
Example: “The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of Movable Type.” (Darth Vader said that in Star Wars.)

12/3/2006 Update: All of the free copies have been given away!

By the way, thanks so much to the beta testers who helped shape BFU2!