Teaser: Better File Uploader 2.0

Published on October 11, 2006 at 9:49 AM EST
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Get a sneak-peek of the cafe’s most popular entree!

11/8/2006 Update: Better File Uploader 2.0 is here!

I’ve been hard at work, toiling on version 2.0 of Better File Uploader. “What does Better File Uploader 2.0 do, Dan,” you’re asking. BFU2 replaces the Upload File tool in Movable Type to provide easier, faster, and more consistent file uploads. Easier, faster and more consistent was my mantra and ultimate goal for BFU2. “And how does it do that?” A few details:

  • Easier: Configure BFU2 to only show you the options you need. If you don’t like making popup images, for example, hide that button so it’s not accidentally clicked.
  • Faster: Multiple file uploading. SpeedDemon (one-click uploading). Result Stacker. Thumbnail dimension calculation. I could go on and on.
  • More consistent: HTML Wrappers and a field for image attributes make pre-formatting all of your uploads always work just the way you want.

Ah, but listen to me ramble on, like the waiter telling you the specials when you already know what you want. Plenty of screenshots to whet your appetite:

Settings-publishing.gif Upload.gif File-exists.gif Processing.gif Result.gif

That’s what BFU2 looks like, but what do its results look like? Well, those screenshots above were added with BFU2. A few beta testers also pointed me to their work:

Excited? I hope to be able to release BFU2 in the next two weeks. (Though that’s not a promise!)

2006/10/24 Update: I don’t want to leave everybody hanging: BFU2 will not debut this week, but it’s getting close.