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Plugins for Movable Type

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Poll Position

Polls are a great way to increase a visitor's interaction with your site! Create an unlimited number of polls (with an unlimited number of response choices) and start collecting opinions and feedback! Or, step up to Poll Position: Champion for the ultimate in control and flexibility!

Better File Uploader

Do you upload many photos or files to your site? Then this is the plugin for you! Multiple file uploading, default thumbnailing sizes, and more to ensure fast, easy, consistent uploading.


Share takes the simple “email to a friend” idea and lets you completely customize every aspect.

More Custom Fields

More Custom Fields adds several new custom field types, sure to make your next project easier!

Hot Date

Provides an intuitive interface for the Entry Date field: drop-down time selection, work with 12-hour time, and single-click time refresh.

Default Category

This plugin lets you specify a default category for entries. There’s not much more to it than that.


Counts the number of words in the Entry Body, Extended, and other fields — including custom fields! Updates as you type!

Action Stream: Amazon

Include your Amazon Wishlist in your Action Stream!

Action Stream: Delicious Tag

Display Delicious tag results in your Action Stream!


Clean up the naughty words some commenters use.


Icon-o-matic provides an easy way for you to insert and re-use any image into an entry; commenters can do the same!

Publishing Buttons

Simply provides buttons on the Edit Entry screen allowing you to Publish or Save as Draft (unpublished). A great convenience!


Edit an entry with HTML and Alex King's JavaScript Quicktags.

Better Entry Preview

This plugin simply makes the entry preview screen a little more useful by letting you specify some styles to preview (and review) your entry with.


Do you like seeing those little smiley emoticons in other people’s blog? Smilies let's you do just that!