Plugin: Better File Uploader Image Handling Check

Before purchasing Better File Uploader, take a quick look at the tools you have available. In order to create thumbnail images or resize on upload ImageMagick or NetPBM are required. For watermarking, ImageMagick is required. ImageMagick is the preferred image handling tool.


Use mt-check.cgi to see if you have ImageMagick installed. An easy way to get to mt-check.cgi is to log in to your Movable Type installation, then, at the end of the URI, replace mt.cgi with mt-check.cgi.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see mention of ImageMagick. ImageMagick is required to create thumbnails, resize on upload, and for watermarking. Different versions of ImageMagick will interact differently with the watermarking feature—in general, newer versions are more capable, as shown in the table below.

ImageMagick VersionCapabilities
6.3.0 or greaterSupports transparency in GIF and PNG formats, including full 8-bit transparency of 24-bit PNG images.
6.2.4 – 6.2.9Supports transparency in PNG format only, including full 8-bit transparency of 24-bit images. Transparency in the GIF format is not supported
6.0 – 6.2.3Does not support transparency, but will composite a watermark image onto an uploaded file with the GIF and PNG formats.
Older than 6.0Does not work with Better File Uploader. Your version of ImageMagick is 3-1/2 (or more) years old; time to upgrade!

This table is built on user experience, so if your experience differs, please e-mail Dan!

A problem I’ve encountered a few times is that ImageMagick is installed correctly, but some of its dependencies are not. libjpeg and libpng will be needed to place a .png watermark on a .jpg image, for example, and are therefore both required libraries. If, however, ImageMagick was compiled without one of those libraries, it won’t work. Summary: a complete ImageMagick installation is required.


If you don’t have access to ImageMagick, you can install NetPBM. NetPBM will create thumbnail images and work with the resize on upload feature. NetPBM will not work with the watermarking feature.