Plugin: Better File Uploader Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble with Better File Uploader? I strive to ensure that the plugin is easy-to-use and problem free… but we all know nothing’s perfect. Below are some tips to hopefully help you resolve any issues. If they don’t help be sure to use the Helpdesk.


  • The first thing to do is to refer to the installation instructions: have the files been uploaded to the correct location? (Within <MT_DIR>/plugins/.)

  • Have permissions on BetterFileUploader.cgi been set to 755? (For BFU 2.1/MT 3.x only.)

  • If you’re running MT 3.3x, be sure you don’t have BigPAPI ( installed. BigPAPI will prevent the File Upload button from working with MT 3.3x.

  • Similarly, if you’re using MT version 3.2x, you do need to install BigPAPI. You’ll find BigPAPI ( included in the BFU archive, located in the For 3.2 folder. As the installation instructions say, this file needs to be uploaded to your <MT_DIR>/plugins/ folder.


  • Sometimes there’s trouble with the Overwrite/Rename feature. (If a file already exists on your server with the same name as the one you’re trying to upload, BFU tries to help you resolve the situation.) A problem with this feature can manifest itself in several ways, but the result is always that the operation fails at some point.

    During the upload-Overwrite/Rename process, your uploaded file is written to a temporary location on your server, typically at /tmp/. You must have full read and write permissions on this folder for the Overwrite/Rename process to work. If you don’t, the process fails.

    The solution is actually pretty simple: use a temporary folder that you have full permissions for. You can specify a temporary location in MT with the TempDir configuration directive. Simply add TempDir /tmp/ to your mt-config.cgi file, where /tmp/ is a folder you have full permissions (777) to use. Of course, be sure you also create that folder!

  • Trouble with the watermark feature? Check that the version of ImageMagick you’re using supports the features of your watermark by referring to the Image Handling Check.

If none of these tips applies or helps you to get BFU working, please file a Helpdesk ticket.