Plugin: More Custom Fields Known Issues and Changelog


Version 1.2.6, released September 8, 2010

Added the Multi-Use Single-Line Text Group custom field type.

Version 1.2, released February 9, 2010

  • Reworked the Selected Entries custom field type to use a pop-up dialog window for selecting entries. (The drop-down list proved unwieldy for large installs.)
  • Added a new custom field type: Selected Pages. Selected Pages works just like Selected Entries, but… for Pages!
  • More Custom Fields is now a free plugin!

Version 1.1.1, released September 2, 2009, a bug fix release

Fixed a bug where the Selected Entries field type tags wouldn’t publish.

Version 1.1, released August 13, 2009, a feature release

Added a new custom field type: Selected Entries. Selected Entries provides drop-down selection lists of entries in your blog(s), making the creation of “related entries” lists or multi-part articles easier. To further help facilitate this, the SelectedEntries block tag was also added.

Version 1.0.1, released August 6, 2009, a bug fix release

After selecting an item in a checkbox group and saving, you want to go back and uncheck all items. The observed result was that the previously selected check boxes would still be checked. Version 1.0.1 fixes that behavior: deselect check boxes and save, and they are all saved unchecked.

Version 1.0, released February 25, 2009, initial release

Introduces two new custom field types: checkbox group and radio buttons with input field.

Known Issues

Movable Type Pro 4.24 and Earlier

Movable Type Pro 4.24 and previous versions (and Motion betas 1 and 2) don’t run the callback when saving an author profile from mt-cp.cgi.

This means that if you’ve defined Checkbox Group or Radio Button with Input custom field types (or any other custom custom field type) for authors and you try to save those options through the mt-cp.cgi Edit Profile screen, the options will not be saved. Options are saved if you’re editing through the mt.cgi Edit Profile screen. This bug doesn’t affect Entry, Page, Folder, or Category objects.

This bug is fixed in Movable Type Pro 4.25. Bug # 92832.