Plugin: Mouthwash


If you have an active community built around your site there have probably been a few heated discussions. And, sometimes, a few commenters have probably used words that you don’t feel are appropriate for the site or discussion. You know, four-letter words. Mouthwash is a simple plugin that helps with this problem by replacing keywords with asterisks (*).

Current version: 1.0, released October 30, 2008.


Installation: Download the archive and extract. Upload the contents of the archive’s plugins/ folder into your MT installation’s plugins/ folder.

Use: Mouthwash can be configured at the System level. Visit the plugin’s Settings screen to add and change keywords. You only need to enter the base word; derivatives will be caught also. For example, entering “truck” will result in “truck,” “trucker” and “trucking” being caught in the comment. I don’t endorse automobile hatred.

When a new comment is submitted Mouthwash will scrub it clean before saving the comment or republishing the entry.

Acknowledgement: Jesse Gardner of Plasticmind came up with the awesome name for this plugin.


  • Movable Type 4.x

Get Mouthwash

Download Mouthwash is a free plugin, but donation support further development of this and other plugins.