Plugin: MT-Quicktags

Do you prefer to work directly with the HTML when writing a new entry? Are the simple formatting buttons in the MT interface simply not enough for you? MT-Quicktags is likely just the drink to quench your thirst.

Despite all the WYSIWYG editors out there, I like to write my own HTML. I also like to have buttons to help format a page, and sometimes the simple bold or link aren’t enough. I turned to Alex King’s excellent JavaScript Quicktags for a solution, and packaged that into a MT 3.3-compatible plugin.

MT-Quicktags is not a finished plugin. It works well and provides many more editing buttons to both the Entry Body and Extended Entry fields. In that regard, I don’t hesitate to use or recommend it. However, there is no Settings interface, so if you’d like use it only with certain weblogs or customize the buttons, you’ll need to open up quicktags.js and hack away. (Though buttons are part of an array that can be easily added to.)

Yes, you’ll need to know what an array is, a little JavaScript experience and/or be willing to do a little research to learn how to work with JS. If you need help creating buttons and are not making any headway you can hire Dan through uiNNOVATIONS.

Installation: Download and extract. Upload the contents of the plugins/ folder into your MT installation’s plugins/ folder. Upload the contents of the mt-static/ folder to your installation’s mt-static/ folder.

Use: If you start a new entry or edit an existing entry, you should see the Quicktags toolbar. Click a button to use it.


  • Movable Type 3.3x

Get MT-Quicktags

Download MT-Quicktags is a free plugin, but a donation will support continued development. Suggested amount: $5.