Poll Position


The Poll Position plugin for Movable Type is a fast and easy way to create polls and quizzes for your site’s readers to interact with.

  • Add a poll or quiz to your site by simply choosing Create Poll (or Create Quiz) from the Polls & Quizzes menu.
  • Maintain an unlimited number of polls and quizzes, along with an unlimited number of response choices for each.
  • Include polls and quizzes in templates, in an entry using a Custom Field, or in Config Assistant’s Theme Options.
  • Choose the level of security and restrictions: optionally require users to be logged in to participate, restrict by IP address, and control voting frequency.
  • Monitor participation on each poll and quiz’s Response Detail page to know who voted when and for what choice.

Why should you use Poll Position on your site instead of another service?

  • Style the poll form and results to match your site’s current design.
  • Integration with Movable Type means one less login to remember.
  • Authors are already familiar with the excellent MT interface, so can quickly and easily get started.
  • The number of polls and votes is unlimited!


  • Movable Type 4.1 or greater, or Movable Type 5.12 or greater.
  • Using the Custom Field type in requires the Movable Type Professional Pack (a part of Movable Type Pro).
  • Using the Theme Options field requires the Config Assistant plugin and theme configuration.

Current version: Poll Position 2.0.3, released May 30, 2013.

Looking for support? Use the Helpdesk.

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