Plugin: Publishing Buttons


Publishing Buttons simply provides one-click publishing or saving of your entry. It’s for people like me, who are just too lazy to click the dropdown box to change the status.

Really, that’s all there is to it. This is a simple little plugin to make the MT experience just a titch better.


Installation: Download, extract, and upload to your MT_DIR/plugins/ folder.

Use: Click the Publish button to publish your entry; click the Save as Draft button to save your entry in the unpublished state. Note that the saved state (Published or Unpublished) is displayed in the Status area at the bottom of the Edit Entry screen, as in the screenshot at the right. If you want to schedule your entries, click the Scheduled checkbox and enter the publishing date and time, then click Publish.

Also, the Save as Draft button has an accesskey of “d.” The Publish button uses the familiar “s” key. (To use the accesskeys, try hitting alt+key).

Looking for support? Use the Helpdesk.


  • Movable Type 3.3x

Get Publishing Buttons

Download Publishing Buttons is a free plugin, but a donation will support continued development. Suggested amount: $5.