Free Cam Chat

Many camping sites make it easy for you to take part in free cam chat with just an account and a webcam. But some may not offer free cam chat at all. Therefore, be careful in choosing a site that offers free cam chat. Able to take part in paid chat rooms The beauty of […]

Easter modestly or on credit?

Just like before every Christmas, there are voices in the media, on the Internet, urging you not to overdo the expenses and, above all, not to get into debt, an old Polish proverb says “put yourself and pledge”. It is deeply rooted in the minds of millions of Poles. So that Christmas is rich, they […]


According to data from the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), in the second quarter of 2019 Poles had over USD 76 billion in outstanding liabilities belonging to 2.2 million debtors. As it turns out, entering on the list of debtors, problems with debt collection companies and seizure of property by a bailiff are not all problems […]