Just like before every Christmas, there are voices in the media, on the Internet, urging you not to overdo the expenses and, above all, not to get into debt, an old Polish proverb says “put yourself and pledge”.

It is deeply rooted in the minds of millions of Poles. So that Christmas is rich, they take payday loans, loans with which they later have problems.

A huge number of people are over-indebted


Lack of financial education means that they take loans for the purchase of so-called toys, which then lie somewhere dusty in the closet, and the debt remains. Holidays are an opportunity for increased spending. New installment TVs, computer games, tablets and more are bought on credit.

It is therefore worth considering and may not buy on the spur of the moment, but postpone the decision at a time when reason will control your emotions. And holidays? Holidays will pass, just like any other weekend, they will be left with food for a week or two. For what? It is better not to eat fresh food.

However, if we have no other choice and we have to get into debt, let us do it wisely. Let’s take it when we are able to give it back without extending it.

If for various reasons we cannot take a bank loan

If for various reasons we cannot take a bank loan

Instead of a payday loan, you can think of a non-bank loan payable in installments, which will not overburden your home budget too much. It is important that the holidays were spent pleasantly, in a pleasant atmosphere, so that our attention would not be disturbed by thinking of where to get money to pay off the debt incurred hastily.

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